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The (Old) Welney Hotel, Bedford Bank West, Welney

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The Barrys
Delapidation & vandalism
Redevelopment plans

house in  by Eddy Edwards


The Norfolk Pubs web-site shows this to have been a licenced house in 1851 when the tenant or licencee was Robert Clarke, but it has been a private house since 1943 when the licence was surrendered and the owners (Huntingdon Breweries?) sold the premises to the then tenant.

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Years Owner/Brewery
? to 1933 Lindsells, Chatteris np
1933-1943 Huntingdon Breweries np
1943 sold to tenant np

Welney Hotel in 1985 by Tony Smart
In 1995 when Helen & Patrick Barry lived here. Photo by, & courtesy of, Tony Smart, Cambridge

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Years Licencee/tenant
in 1851 Robert Clarke np
in 1881 Marian Matthewson ts
1883-1896 Lewis Sisson ts
in 1900 William Sisson ts
by 1904  Henry Kent np
1916-1937 Henry Kent ts
1934 Eliza Ann Kent np
1941 "The Brewery Co" (?) np
1943 licence surrended np
‡ sources : np = Norfolk Pubs; ts = Tony Smart
  Welney Hotel boarded up in 2009
In 2009. Neglected and boarded-up. Photo by Peter Cox, Welney

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  Welney Hotel boarded up in 2010
In 2010. Even more neglected except for the care taken to stick up a "private keep out" sign. Photo by Eddy Edwards.

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Delapidation and vandalism

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Re-deveopment Plans

The planning authority for this property is the West Norfolk Borough Council.
Their website shows the following applications have been made to demolish the existing property and redevelop the site:

Ref No. 11/01212/O, 16th July 2011

Application on behalf of Mr.J.Barry for a replacement 4/5 bedroom Detached Dwelling House and detached double garage.

Application withdrawn in Oct 2011 pending consideration of comments made


Ref No. 11/02061/0, 2nd Dec 2011

Outline application on behalf of Mr J. Barry for a replacement 3 bedroom detached dwelling house with detached double garage.
The pre-amble to the application included the following statements:
"This amended Design & Access Statement follows the withdrawal of 11/01212/O based on 3 key points for refusal, we have addressed these issues below; The first was that the Environment Agency felt that the increase in footprint of the replacement dwelling and as a result of this the submitted Flood Risk Assessment did not justify the increase in footprint in accordance with PPS25 – we have addressed this concern after discussions with the EA and attach an amended FRA in support of this amended application. The second points was as a result of the condition of the existing dwelling in regards to ecology, there were a number of entry points that could allow occupancy from animals, or protected species. We therefore instructed local firm Phillip Parker Associates to carry out a scoping assessment and attach their report to this application. The third issue was a tree survey, we appointed a local arboriculturalist Giles Landscapes Ltd and attach their report for consideration."

Application refused 14th March, 2012.
Reasons: "Whilst the principle of development is acceptable in land use terms, the building has been vandalised and vacant for some time and its surrounds has been open to wildlife. An ecology report submitted with this application identifies the possibility of protected species (bats, badgers and otters) being affected by the proposed development and recommends additional survey work to make a full assessment and define any mitigation measures. On the basis of the information provided the applicant has failed to demonstrate that there will not be an adverse impact upon such protected species and their habitat and therefore the proposal, at this time, fails to comply with the provisions of PPS9 and Core Strategy Policies CS06 and CS12 of the Local Development Framework.".

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Acknowledgements: text and photos except where noted © Eddy Edwards, 2007-12

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